DesignPLUS Install

Use this form to install Cidi Labs DesignPLUS in an instance of Canvas.

What this tool will help you do

  1. Add a developer key to Cidi Labs DesignPLUS.
  2. Add a course to your Canvas instance that will house the customizations for Cidi Labs DesignPLUS.
  3. Add the Multi-tool and Upload/Embed Image LTI tools to the specified account
  4. Provide the necessary JavaScript and CSS for you to add to your Canvas instance.

Authorize Installation

In order for this installation to work you must:

  • Arrange the install with Cidi Labs.
  • Have admin rights to the account in which you want to install the tools.

Note: You will be asked to authorize this application in order to proceed. The OAuth token that will be collected from Canvas will be used to install the tools but then destroyed.